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Drummond of Hawthornden, William

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  1. Why worldlings do ye trust fraile honours dreams (0 Antworten)
  2. These eyes, deare Lord, once brandons of desire (0 Antworten)
  3. Runne sheepherards run, where Bethleme best appeares (0 Antworten)
  4. As in a duskie and tempestuous night (0 Antworten)
  5. THE BOOK OF THE WORLD. (0 Antworten)
  6. THE GOLDEN AGE. (0 Antworten)
  7. For the Baptist (0 Antworten)
  8. What doth it serve to see sun's burning face, (0 Antworten)
  9. My lute, be as thou wert when thou didst grow (0 Antworten)
  10. Mine eyes, dissolve your globes in briny streams, (0 Antworten)
  11. O woful life! Life? No, but living death, (0 Antworten)
  12. O fate! conspir'd to pour your worst on me, (0 Antworten)
  13. Those eyes, those sparkling sapphires of delight, (0 Antworten)
  14. Of mortal glory, O soon darken'd ray! (0 Antworten)
  15. Place me where angry Titan burns the Moor, (0 Antworten)
  16. Of death some tell, some of the cruel pain (0 Antworten)
  17. I curse the night, yet do from day me hide, (0 Antworten)
  18. Fame, who with golden pens abroad dost range (0 Antworten)
  19. So grievous is my pain, so painful life, (0 Antworten)
  20. How many times night's silent queen her face (0 Antworten)
  21. With grief in heart, and tears in swooning eyes, (0 Antworten)
  22. Hair, precious hair which Midas' hand did strain, (0 Antworten)
  23. O night, clear night, O dark and gloomy day! (0 Antworten)
  24. Alexis, here she stay'd; among these pines, (0 Antworten)
  25. Are these the flow'ry banks, is this the mead, (0 Antworten)
  26. Thou window, once which served for a sphere (0 Antworten)
  27. Dear wood, and you, sweet solitary place, (0 Antworten)
  28. She whose fair flow'rs no autumn makes decay, (0 Antworten)
  29. Is't not enough, ay me! me thus to see (0 Antworten)
  30. Ah! who can see those fruits of Paradise, (0 Antworten)
  31. Slide soft, fair Forth, and make a crystal plain, (0 Antworten)
  32. The sun is fair when he with crimson crown, (0 Antworten)
  33. Of Cytherea's birds, that milk-white pair, (0 Antworten)
  34. Who hath not seen into her saffron bed (0 Antworten)
  35. The Hyperborean hills, Ceraunus' snow, (0 Antworten)
  36. O cruel beauty, meekness inhumane, (0 Antworten)
  37. Let fortune triumph now, and Iö sing, (0 Antworten)
  38. If crost with all mishaps be my poor life, (0 Antworten)
  39. Dear eye, which deign'st on this sad monument (0 Antworten)
  40. What cruel star into this world me brought? (0 Antworten)
  41. You restless seas, appease your roaring waves, (0 Antworten)
  42. Sound hoarse, sad lute, true witness of my woe, (0 Antworten)
  43. That I so slenderly set forth my mind, (0 Antworten)
  44. Trust not, sweet soul, those curled waves of gold, (0 Antworten)
  45. Dear quirister, who from those shadows sends, (0 Antworten)
  46. In mind's pure glass when I myself behold, (0 Antworten)
  47. Then is she gone? O fool and coward I! (0 Antworten)
  48. Nymphs, sister nymphs, which haunt this crystal brook, (0 Antworten)
  49. My tears may well Numidian lions tame, (0 Antworten)
  50. All other beauties, howsoe'er they shine (0 Antworten)
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