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Christopher Brennan
1897 - 1918 Australien

The Shadow of Lilith

The tuberouse thickens the air. a swoon
lies close on open'd calyx and slipt sheath
thro' all the garden bosom-bound beneath
dense night that hangs, her own perturbing moon:

no star: and heaven and earth, seeking their boon,
meet in this troubled blood whereunder seethe
cravings of darkling bliss whose fumes enwreathe
some rose of rare-reveal'd delight: oh, soon! -

Ay, surely near - the hour consents to bless! -
and nearer yet, all ways of night converge
in that delicious dark between her breasts

whom night and bloom and wayward blood confess,
where all the world's desire is wild to merge
its multitude of single suffering nests.