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0, THOU, whom Fortune through Life's Vale of Tears
Shall to the Turrets of this Mansion bring,
Whate'er thy Sex, thy Station, or thy Years,
Let this shrill Bugle through the Confines ring.

The Gates shall open with their massive Bars,
And food be miuister'd by hands unseen ;
Sleep shall attend to lull terrestrial Jars
And Dreams celestial wave their Wings serene,

Enter, and fear not. — I, like thee, have known
The sigh to breathe, to curb the' indignant Groan;
A Friend to Virtue, and to Vice a Foe.
Here have I learnt with patience to endure
Those Ills which friendly Death alone can cure,
And Pity's pang to feel for human Woe.

WITH Smiles, false Tokens of pretended Joy
The pangs of real Anguish I endure :
No wavering Hopes or Fears my thoughts employ;
Vain both to Him whose Misery is sure.

Calm on my brow sits well dissembled Ease,
While light Indifference every chance defies ;
Since Fortune's fairest look must fail to please
When tyrant Fate my only wish denies.

Ye. fond Complaints forbear your vain Request,
Nor urge the pity of my Lauha's Breast
To feel for Sorrows she can ne'er allay.

Bleed on, my Heart ! — But let the kind Disguise
Spread unsuspected o'er my tongue and eyes;
Deceiving only lest I should betray.