Normale Version: The Sports of the Field
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The Sports of the Field

Sports of the field!--deadly or maiming blow
Aimed at a gentle bird!--the timid hare
From her half slumber in warm brake to scare
And drive her over the track-betraying snow
To death, by chase embittered--from the bow
The rook, not yet of strength to cleave the air,
To slaughter trembling on the nest!--to tear
The bowels of the fish deliberate, slow,
Play with the agonizing worm!--to find
Amusement when the dauntless fox is torn
By furious dogs--or when the beauteous hind,
Winged by her unavailing fears, is borne
From yells of hounds and horn--or the stag dies
With silent tear!--Thus man enjoys earth, water, skies!