Normale Version: Night-Scenes - 3. The Star
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The Star

There is a star – Eve’s fairest and her first –
That with unaltered beauty ever shineth:
What visions of the heart its light once nursed!
Ah! Hope’s fair hand no more her rose-wreath twineth!

Beneath thy silvery rays, O peerless Star,
The beautiful floats dimly and afar.
The fair ideal wrought of the poet’s dreaming
Hath left me with an ever-pining heart:

No more my fancy, with bright visions teeming,
Brings to these idle lines the inspiréd art,
O Angel of my youth! return once more,

And ‘neath this star, which is to me a shrine,
The enchanted lamp of poesy restore,
And fill my lone heart with its light divine!