Normale Version: Oxford, since late I left thy peaceful shore,
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Oxford, since late I left thy peaceful shore,
Much I regret thy domes with turrets crowned,
Thy crested walls with twining ivy bound,
Thy gothic fanes, dim isles, and cloisters hoar,

And treasured rolls of wisdom's ancient lore;
Nor less thy varying bells, which hourly sound
In pensive chime, or ring in lively round,
Or toll in the slow curfew's solemn roar;

Much too thy moonlight walks, and musings grave
Mid silent shades of high-embrowering trees,
And much thy sister-streams, whose willows wave

In whispering cadence to the evening breeze;
But most those friends, whose much-loved converse gave
Thy gentle charms a tenfold power to please.