Normale Version: THE Louer Vnder burthen of his M ris love
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THE Louer Vnder burthen of his M ris love
Wch lyke to Ætna did his harte oppresse:
did giue such piteous grones yt he did moue
the heau'nes at length to pitty his distresse
but for the fates in theire highe Courte aboue
forbad to make the greuous burthen lesse.
the gracous powers did all conspire to proue
Yf miracle this mischeife mighte redresse;
therefore regardinge yt ye loade was such
as noe man mighte wth one man's mighte sustayne
and yt mylde patience imported much
to him that shold indure an endles payne:
By there decree he soone transformèd was
into a patiente burden-bearinge Asse.