Normale Version: What Eagle can behould her sunbrighte eye
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What Eagle can behould her sunbrighte eye,
her sunbrighte eye yt lights the world wth loue,
the world of Loue wherein I liue and dye,
I liue and dye and diuers chaunges proue,
I chaunges proue, yet still the same am I,
The same am I and neuer will remoue,
neuer remoue vntill my soule dothe flye,
my soule dothe fly, and I surcease to moue,
I cease to moue wch now am mou'd by you,
am mou'd by you yt moue all mortall hartes,
all mortall hartes whose eyes yor eyes doth veiwe,
Yor eyes doth veiwe whence Cupid shoots his darts,
whence Cupid shootes his dartes and woundeth those
that honor you and neuer weare4 his foes.