Normale Version: The hardnes of her harte and truth of myne
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The hardnes of her harte and truth of myne
when the all seeinge eyes of heauen did see
they streight concluded yt by powre devine
to other formes our hartes should turnèd be.
then hers as hard as flynte, a Flynte became
and myne as true as steele, to steele was turned,
and then betwene or hartes sprange forthe the flame
of kindest loue, wch vnextinguish'd burned;
And longe the sacred lampe of mutuall loue
incessantlie did burne in glory brighte;
Vntill my folly did her fury moue
to recompence my seruice wth despighte,
and to put out wth snuffers of her pride
the lampe of loue wch els had neuer dyed.