Normale Version: The sacred Muse that firste made loue deuine
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The sacred Muse that firste made loue deuine
hath made him naked and wthout attyre,
but I will cloth him wth this penn of myne
that all the world his fashion shall admyre.
his hatt of hope, his bande of beautye fine,
his cloake of crafte, his doblett of desyre,
greife for a girdell, shall aboute him twyne,
his pointes of pride, his Ilet holes of yre,
his hose of hate, his Cod peece of conceite,
his stockings of sterne strife, his shirte of shame,
his garters of vaine glorie gaye and flyte;
his pantofels of passions I will frame,
pumpes of presumption shall adorne his feete
and Socks of fullennes excedinge sweete.