Normale Version: Into the midle Temple of my harte
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Into the midle Temple of my harte
the wanton Cupid did himselfe admitt,
and gaue for pledge yor Eagle-sighted witt
Yt he wold play noe rude vncivill parte:
Longe tyme he cloak'te his nature wth his arte
and sadd and graue and sober he did sitt
but at the last he gan to reuell it,
to breake good rules, and orders to peruerte:
Then loue and his younge pledge were both conuented
before sadd Reason, that old Bencher graue,
who this sadd sentence vnto him presented
by dilligence, yt slye and secreate knaue
That loue and witt, for euer shold departe
out of the midle Temple of my harte.