Normale Version: My case is this, I loue Zepheria brighte
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My case is this, I loue Zepheria brighte,
Of her I hold my harte by fealtye:
Wch I discharge to her perpetuallye,
Yet she thereof will neuer me accquite.
for now supposinge I wth hold her righte
she hathe distreinde my harte to satisfie
the duty wch I neuer did denye,
and far away impounds it wth despite;
I labor therefore iustlie to repleaue
my harte wch she vniustly doth impounde
but quick conceite wch nowe is loue's highe Sheife
retornes it as esloynde, not to be founde:
Then wch the lawe affords I onely craue
her harte for myne in wit her name to haue.