Normale Version: To Loue my lord I doe knightes seruice owe
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To Loue my lord I doe knightes seruice owe
and therefore nowe he hath my witt in warde,
but while it is in his tuition soe
me thincks he doth intreate it passinge hard;
for thoughe he hathe it marryed longe agoe
to Vanytie, a wench of noe regarde,
and nowe to full, and perfect age doth growe,
Yet nowe of freedome it is most debarde.
But why should loue after minoritye
when I am past the one and twentith yeare
perclude my witt of his sweete libertye,
and make it still ye yoake of wardshippe beare.
I feare he hath an other Title gott
and holds my witte now for an Ideott.